DocuSign eSignature SDK (docusign-esign-java) and RESTEasy Client Compatibility

  • 11 March 2024
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Hello DocuSign Community,

We're currently facing a challenge while trying to integrate the DocuSign eSignature SDK (docusign-esign-java) into our Java application. We are using the RESTEasy client version 3.13.2.FINAL, and we've encountered the following error:

RESTEASY003215: could not find writer for content-type application/x-www-form-urlencoded type:

In an attempt to resolve this issue, we updated the versions of resteasy-jaxb-provider and resteasy-multipart-provider, hoping that it would fix the compatibility issue or the error above. Unfortunately, this approach did not yield the desired outcome.

We also considered updating the version of resteasy-client to a more recent one. However, we found that the newer versions of resteasy-client are not compatible with our current version of keycloak-admin-client (19.0.3), which is a critical part of our application's authentication system.

Given these constraints, we are seeking advice or suggestions from the community on how to proceed. Has anyone else encountered similar issues with the DocuSign eSignature SDK and RESTEasy client compatibility, especially in the context of also using Keycloak for authentication? If so, how were you able to resolve or work around these challenges?

Any insights or recommendations would be greatly appreciated

2 replies

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Hello Team


Please open a support case with DS so that it can be escalated to the Technical Team, who will address the matter accordingly and provide a response.








We are facing the exact same scenario, using keycloak for authentication and Docusign API, which are causing a conflict together.

Has anyone found a solution to this?