API to obtain the Envelope of Copy Received

  • 15 March 2024
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I am using the API (Python SDK) to get a list of Envelopes.
Recently, I noticed that I was not able to retrieve Copy Received Envelopes.
They are in my inbox, but I am not able to retrieve them using the list_status_changes method.

How can I use the API to get the Copy Received Envelope?

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You can only access the document via API that have been sent from your DocuSign account. If you receive an envelope for signature from an external party using a different DocuSign account, you cannot access them via the API. This should be regardless of the recipient type of “Needs to Sign” or “Receives a Copy”.

Have you tried to manually get an envelope ID from one of the transactions where you are a “Receives a Copy” recipient to check if you can access it via the API?

Maybe you can try to edit the parameter “user_filter” to be “recipient”, as described in the API reference for the list_status_changes method in order to list more envelopes here to download?