DocuSign/PowerAutomate: "The email address for the recipient is invalid. The recipient Id follows."

  • 15 February 2024
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Hi all,

I am trying to send an envelope with MS PowerAutomate. I’m using a template to create the document and filling in the the recipients before sending. 

The following answer appears: "The email address for the recipient is invalid. The recipient Id follows.”

What does that mean? 

I tried to type in the email address without dynamic content and checked all possibilities mentioned here

Here is the actual error code:



  "message": "The email address for the recipient is invalid. The recipient Id follows."



Hopefully, someone comes up with a solution. 

Many thanks in advance.




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Have you tried to add a Compose step for troubleshooting?

Copy the value or formula that you assign to the email address field in the DocuSign step into the field and trigger the flow once to have a clear output.

Repeat the same for the recipient name to ensure full name and email address are provided in the payload to DocuSign, if one of the fields is empty you will receive the error.

You may also check the DocuSign template JSON to see what recipient role is related to the recipient Id. There may be a typo in the role name for a recipient on the template.

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Thanks for your fast answer. Actually, I think the issue was, that there was an empty recipient field in the template. I thought the “Add recipient” action overrides the empty one.

Still, I found a workaround solution for my issue and don’t even have to use a template in this form.


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I am running into this error code: 

The request failed. Response content: '{"errorCode":"USER_NOT_ACCOUNT_ADMIN","message":"User is not an account administrator."}'.

The action “when an envelope status changes” throws this error.

Is this a “not admin in Docusign” or “not admin in PowerAutomate” error? There are no further information given.

A few weeks ago, this action was normally running.

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Hi @ByteElephant,


I hope you are doing well.


The "User is not an account administrator." error message references the user’s permission profile in eSignature>Settings>Users.


Also, I would like to confirm if you were able to solve your issue by utilizing the solution that was suggested? 


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Otherwise, feel free to let me know and I will gladly help you address the situation as soon as possible.


Best regards,   

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