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  • 15 March 2024
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I have recently signed up to the sandbox version of Docusign as I want to get up to speed with some of the functionality. A colleague of mine is also using the sandbox version as we would like to collaborate on some of tests. Unfortunately, despite numerous attempts to collaborate in the sandbox version e.g. add each other as contacts/users/send emails/share templates, we have not been able to do so.


I would like to understand whether the sandbox version of Docusign allows colleagues to collaborate on it? If so, what steps do we need to take to ensure we’re both using / viewing the same version (as none of our attempts so far have worked)?


Please note: we already have a Docusign account for our organisation (which we prefer not to run numerous tests on), hence the sandbox version is to try out different tests outside of the account.


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4 replies

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It sounds like the two of you have two different sandbox environments, everyone got their own one. They are separated from one another as they are a tenant each.

What you need to do is add your colleague as an user to your sandbox so you both work in the same account. This can be double checked that you both see the same account ID, when you are logged in. Then you can collaborate, share and work on the same templates, etc.


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How do I get the sandbox version of Docusign?