SMS Event Subscription in Envelope Definition

  • 21 March 2024
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This question is primarily based on using the DocuSign C# SDK.
However, pure restapi based answers would be fine as well. 

I am implementing SMS as an additional delivery option via the SDK. 

Currently using the Envelope EventNotification property to setup callback/webhooks on a per-envelope basis. 

The process is working fine and I see where we can subscribe to Recipient events and Envelope events, but I’m not finding a method of capturing the SMS Events. 

It would be great if we could capture the sms-opt-in and sms-opt-out events as part of the per-envelope webhook/envelope definition. 

Is there any way to do this, or am I stuck with defining a Connect instance?

I was hoping to define a per-envelope handler as it’s trivial to configure the callback url to contain various systems data needed to efficiently process the events without abusing the envelope custom fields, envelope attachments, or persisting a separate data store keyed off of the DocuSign envelope ID?

1 reply

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Hello @JMBreitenbach,

I probably won’t be able to answer your concerns in their entirety but I am curious about your end goal with trying to identify email or SMS events? Is it solely the acceptance status of the SMS allowance by your recipients?

DocuSign Connect and by extension Envelope/Recipient Event Notifications are not actually designed to capture either of those (email or SMS events) but to update users upon changes of the envelope or recipient’s status. Some of those underlying events DO happen to coincide with emails or SMS notifications (envelope delivery, failed envelope delivery, envelope completion, etc.) but ultimately the root cause of any triggering event in the Connect/notifications system is the status change of the envelope/recipient itself which are unique DocuSign objects.

If the SMS or email event you are wanting to track does not coincide with updates to the status of those objects then you will not be notified of their occurrence. Similarly, if combined delivery methods, let’s say SMS, email & What’sApp, all result in a singular envelope/recipient status change you would only receive one Event Notification/Connect push to your webhook. I’d say that you are more looking at making a product change request to our developers if these are details you’re wanting to have access to.