Unable to populate data on Docusign Template using docusign envelope action element in Omniscript

  • 1 April 2024
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We have created Docusign template in Docusign Developer account and fetched this template in Salesforce Org via Omnistudio docusign setup. The latest template was fetched in Salesforce org, we have invoked this template for e-signature in Omniscript Using Docusign envelope action element and have also invoked the respective data raptor transform which should ideally dynamically populate the data in Docusign Template when the data label is same as data raptor Transform Docusign Output field. Currently the values from DR Transform are not populated though DR transform is returning the required data.

1 reply


Hey @Varsha Punjabi

This question would be better suited to our Salesforce community as Omniscript is part of its environment. 

As a way to help, anyway, please check if the mapping you are applying in your configuration is matching to what DataRaptor requires you to do in their documentation. Once the Data Label information is matching to who you want to populate this information to, it should display in the envelope.