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I am using ‘Docusign for Salesforce package’ for Docusign integration with salesforce, And according to documentation I am supposed to create a custom button to send the document for signature, is there a way to automate this where I can write code to deliver the envelope rather than the clicking the custom button?


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@Chaithaly - Yes, you can automate the process of delivering an envelope in DocuSign for Salesforce without having to manually click a custom button. This can be achieved by using the DocuSign API and writing Apex code in Salesforce.  You will need to write an Apex class that will make an HTTP request to the DocuSign API to create and send an envelope.  You can either schedule this Apex class to run at specific times or trigger it based on specific events in Salesforce (like a record update).

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Hi @JohnSantos , I used the flow action ‘Send email with Docusign’ in the record triggered flow (salesforce) to send the email when record meets certain criteria, but this runs fine when running with my user , but if it is tested with any portal users/end users , it doesn't give out any error nor send any email . what permission is required in this case?

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@Chaithaly - Can you verify these users have the necessary permissions and access to DocuSign, Object and Field involved in the flow?

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Hello @Chaithaly ,

Are you able to provide the information that was previously requested? If so, please do so in a reply to this question so that we can further assist you with your issue.

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