Can Docusign Gen template allow for protected and unprotected form fields in the SAME document?

  • 10 May 2024
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Consider a use case where a bank/finance company is  automatically generating a lease agreement for a car dealership to be signed by the purchaser of the car. We (bank)  want to autofill the “car price” which could editable by the dealership, but we want to autofill the “term” at 36 months but that’s locked down and uneditable. We can make this work on a basic word document but in our current docgen platform, the protected word doc basically blows up the doc gen template because it can’t read the template. Does DOcusign Gen support this use case? If so how? Can it inherit the protection attributes of the word doc, or would we set up the protection attributes in the DS Gen platform itself and they live on the template?

4 replies

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@Darin Ohde -  I recommend exploring DocuSign's template and field management capabilities.  For fields like the “car price” that you want to remain editable by the dealership, you can define these as editable text fields within the template. You can specify default values that can be overwritten by the dealership.  For the “term” which you want to lock at 36 months, this can also be predefined in the template, but set as a read-only field. This ensures that once the document is generated, the term field cannot be modified by the end user.

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@JohnSantos this is helpful thank you! The editable fields would be dynamically populated based on the transaction at hand with that data coming from Salesforce. When i read “default values” that makes me think you weren’t thinking of dynamic population from another data source. Can you confirm my understanding and whether than changes your answer on what’s possible?

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@Darin Ohde - Yes, it is considering that you are populating your data from Salesforce.  Are you also allowing write-back of your data to Salesforce if it is changed by the car dealership?

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