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  • 18 April 2024
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Hi there

We prepare our contract outside of DocuSign and upload the document for signing.

We do not really use the “Field” except the signature field. 

We are quite puzzled as to how to enter “First Name” and “Last Name” of the recipient on the recipient page? We need this data for Zapier automation. Currently, we can only enter the recipient’s full name.

Thank you

4 replies


Hi Johnny,

If I understand your question, requiring both a first name field and last name field added to your document after uploading to DocuSign?

If so, with that same ‘Full Name’ field, you can edit the field to only show First or Last!

Drag the Name field onto the document, then select it.

On the Right Hand menu you will see a drop down option that currently has ‘Full Name’, but you can adjust this as needed.

I’ve attached some screenshots, hoping this helps!

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Thanks Dillon 

I was referring to the Full Name section in the sent page.

We don't use fields in DocuSign as we pre-populate those details.



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Hi @Johnny Kong,


Thank you for reaching out here in the Docusign Community.   


I understand that you would like to populate your recipient’s First and Last Name through your Zapier integration, and I will gladly share more details on the topic.


Since this integration with Zapier was not developed by DocuSign we are unaware of the options available to you from their end.


Zapier Support will be in the best position to confirm if this is possible, as they own this integration and will have more information on its internal setup. 


If after going to Zapier support you still need assistance from our end, please confirm with them what specifically in your Docusign configuration is preventing them from reaching the desired outcome and we will gladly look into the situation as soon as possible. 


Feel free to let us know if you need further assistance with this.  


Thank you for using Docusign, we hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!  


Best regards,  

Alejandro R. | Docusign Community Moderator  


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Hi @Johnny Kong,


I hope you are doing well.


I would like to confirm if you were able to solve your issue by utilizing the solution that was suggested? 


If so, please mark it as the best answer by clicking “Select as Best” to make it easier for other users to find.


Otherwise, feel free to let me know and I will gladly help you address the situation as soon as possible.


Best regards,   

Alejandro R. | Docusign Community Moderator   

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