Using Power Automate with Docusign to send another file for signature

  • 7 February 2024
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I am new to using Docusign and I am having trouble with the connectors for it in Power Automate. I have a document (or envelope?) that when a particular radio button/check box is checked, I would like a different document/envelope/template to be sent to a different individual.

I think I know how the flow needs to work, but I'm not sure what connectors and field entries between Power Automate and Docusign will get it to work.

  1. An envelope is completed
  2. List Docusign templates
  3. Conditional - check if the template ID of the template I want checks the template ID of the envelope
  4. If True: Get custom data field (I'm not sure what I info I need to get from Docusign for my checkbox field or my email field)
  5. Conditional - check if field is equal to TRUE? Yes? Marked?
  6. If True: create envelope using template and send to recipient listed in email field (not entirely sure about this one last step).

Another option would be to have the envelope rerouted to the email field person to finish signing. 

If anyone has an example of how this flow would work, I would really appreciate the help! (PS I also put reached out to the power automate community about this)

2 replies

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There is an easier way to achieve this, leveraging DocuSign Connect to automate the check and send:

  1. Create a new flow and use the “When an envelope status changes (Connect) (V3)” trigger from DocuSign.
  2. Choose your account and enter a name for the Connect configuration.
  3. Select the Envelope event to be “envelope completed”.

→ This flow will automatically be triggered when an envelope is completed in the specified account. You are able to configure the connection in DocuSign eSignature Settings if you need to, to e.g. restrict this to only be triggered for specific senders from the account.

  1. You can access the document custom fields and values from the triggerOutputs()
  2. Apply the logic to check and extract the data needed from triggerOutputs() into variables (this should be the full name and email address in order to send a new envelope to that person)
  3. Create an envelope, ideally using a template and insert the recipient information from above

At this point you are not able to reroute the existing envelope to an additional signer, when the recipient data has been conditionally input the envelope by a recipient.

It is technically possible and I have done this before, but will require a more advanced Power Automate flow that will require a Custom connector for DocuSign in Power Automate. Leveraging the DocuSign standard connector sending a new envelope is the best solution.

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