Not allowing clients to void an envelope

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We would like a setting to ensure that even if one party declines to sign it will NOT void the whole envelope.  Essentially, we pay for DocuSign, it should be in our control as to whether an envelope gets voided.  It should not be in the control of a client or third party to cancel/void the whole envelope because they decline to sign.  


We would like to see it if they do decline to sign then we get notified of that but the envelope remains intact for all other signers as we could then go in and correct the envelope and take out the recipient that declines in order to complete the envelope but we do not have that opportunity as currently as it stands, the envelope immediately voids if someone declines but given it is us that pay for the service, we do not think a third party should have that power to void the whole envelope.

Yes, our customers have a need for batch sending. For example, if 10,000 envelopes are sent in a day and remain unsigned for two months, they want an automatic update to reassign these unsigned envelopes to the next batch of users. This would prevent the envelopes from expiring and going to waste.