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  • 12 June 2024
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After changing my development account to a production account, the last step was to get this authorization code. I allowed access (granted permission) and tested it in Postman. I keep receiving this 400 error “Invalid Grant” “ Unauthorized Client”. 


Has anyone encountered this error before? 

4 replies

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Can you confirm you followed the go-live process to promote the integration key to the production environment? You also need to update the user Id, the account Id and the base URI to production as all of these values will be different to the demo environment.

You need to do all steps, including consent again in the production environment after the promotion of the integrator key.

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Yes I went through and completed every step in the Go Live Process. 


Right now I am stuck on Step 2 


When trying to obtain the access token, I approve consent and that is where my error occurs. 


    "error": "invalid_grant",

    "error_description": "unauthorized_client"


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The error message "invalid_grant" with the description "unauthorized_client" typically occurs during the OAuth 2.0 authorization process, indicating that there is an issue with the client credentials or permissions.

After you approve consent are you copying the return URL from the equal sign on..something like this but with a lot of characters.

Also, make sure you are using the correct grant type. The error suggests that there might be a mismatch in the grant type being used and what is expected. Typically, this error is seen when using the Authorization Code Grant.

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