Security setting to disallow saving notification email as MSG

  • 15 April 2024
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I have an Outlook add-in that saves an email from a mail folder to a .MSG file and moves it to a case management system.  Some messages are not exporting. One common factor is DocuSign.  I’ve tested this successfully with my own DocuSign notifications (as a recipient). I’m wondering if DocuSign has a security setting that might be blocking the saving of the email as MSG.

Is anyone aware of such a setting within DocuSign?

1 reply

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Hello @bjones8888,


There’s no setting that I’m aware of by Docusign to explicitly block this behavior. Docusign’s email server will send the message and as soon as it’s sent, Docusign can only record the response returned from the target mail server. Essentially as soon as the email is sent, Docusign has no control anymore of that message. I would recommend reaching out to the provider of the add-in for any reason why messages would not be moved. For example, if there’s a pdf attached to the message. Or if the pdf is a specific size.