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  • 30 January 2024
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We are a Public School District that receive a ton of PSLF forms that require an electronic signature, I always print the completed form for the employee file when I am done.  I cannot seem to do this within Docusign,  I get no option to “print” now.  I used to get an email of the competed form but now I do not.  How can I remedy this issue???

3 replies

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@Denise Seems like two issues.  1. How to print the document from a completed envelope and 2. Why you aren’t you getting the completion notifications.

  1. If you are the Sender or a Recipient on the envelope you will see the envelope under your DocuSign user account (if you have one). As the Sender it would be in your Manage > Sent and as a Recipient under Manage > Inbox.  In either case go to the folder and locate the envelope and click the Envelope Name/Description.  From this envelope detail screen there is a Print button to the right side.
  2. Notifications can be disabled at a User level so you would want to check the notifications you have enabled under My Preferences > Notifications.  In order to get the completion notification (if enabled) you need to be part of the envelope workflow as either the Sender or a Recipient.  Lastly check Junk or Spam to see if they have been redirected due to volume or email setting.  more investigation may be needed if none of the items mentioned resolves.


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Hi @Denise,

Completed documents are either A) attached to the email notification as PDFs or B) accessible through a link in the same email notification you receive in envelopes you’re included in (as a sender or signer)

It’s either A or B and this is managed through the ‘Signing settings’ tab of your DocuSign Settings, see screenshot below.

If the first checkbox is checked, it’s scenario A and if it’s unchecked, it’s B.

Regardless of A or B, you should then be able to print the document.

Can you please attach a screenshot of what you see when you try to access the completed document through the ‘Completed’ email notification so I can guide you further?


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Hello @Denise ,

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