Who has access to Docusign Monitor?

  • 29 May 2024
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Which Docusign user roles or subscription plans include access to the Docusign Monitor feature?


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As a Docusign administrator for your organization, use the Docusign Docusign Admin management infrastructure to enable and manage Monitor, as described in the Introduction to Docusign Admin support article. Make sure your organization has a license for Monitor. Contact your account team to confirm.

All users with all Admin permissions can access and manage Monitor. For information about setting permissions, see the Administrator Permissions support article.

Note the following for Docusign Monitor Free Edition:

  • No license is required
  • Monitor Free Edition is automatically enabled. You need only select the Monitor tile to access the Monitor Free Edition dashboard.
  • Note:
  • From the Docusign Admin dashboard, Scroll to the Docusign Monitor feature tile.
  • Select the Monitor tile to display the Docusign Monitor dashboard.
  • Select Actions > ENABLE
  • The Monitor Enable Organization Feature dialog box displays.
  • A screenshot of the Enable Docusign Monitor feature dialog box.

Contact your account team for assistance if:

  • You do not see the option to enable or disable Docusign
  • The message Not Available displays.
  • Select ENABLE.
  • A confirmation message displays.
  • A screenshot of the Docusign Monitor successfully enabled confirmation message.
  • You have activated Monitor. Access the feature in the Docusign Admin dashboard's Monitor section to view and manage organization alerts.

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