Why is envelpe format invalid ?

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Using Java SDK, createEnvelope, I have this error (400) :

{"errorCode":"INVALID_REQUEST_PARAMETER","message":"The request contained at least one invalid parameter. Invalid format for envelope to clone id."}

What does this mean ?? In the errors topic of doc, I see no details available about “Invalid format for envelope to clone it”
And why cloning the envelope ?

I can post the request body if needed.


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Support told me envelopeId should be a UUID.
In my case, I need no envelopeId because filling it has the side effect of cling an existing envelope !

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Thank you for reaching out here in the DocuSign Community.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience you are having, however, in order to better assist you, it is necessary that you obtain the logs and share them.

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Hi Eric, thanks, this issue is closed.