Issue with Docusign event parsing since the 22nd of March

  • 22 March 2024
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Hey All, just looking to see if anyone else has had a similar issue which started happening today 22nd of March. 

Basically events received from DocuSign regarding envelope updates are no longer possible to Parse with .Net 8. Here is an example 

    "event": "envelope-completed",
    "apiVersion": "v2.1",
    "uri": "/restapi/v2.1/accounts/34db86ca-b0f6-4217-b184-5a24775486f8/envelopes/e9dcc0d1-9825-4d8c-92c7-efeaed79e3d6",
    "retryCount": 0,
    "configurationId": 10406305,
    "generatedDateTime": "2024-03-22T12:39:17.8427198Z",
    "data": {
        "accountId": "xxxxxxx",
        "userId": "64a99c27-3cc1-43ba-92df-7f37889e1554",
        "envelopeId": "e9dcc0d1-9825-4d8c-92c7-efeaed79e3d6",
        "envelopeSummary": {
            "status": "completed",
            "documentsUri": "/envelopes/e9dcc0d1-9825-4d8c-92c7-efeaed79e3d6/documents",
            "recipientsUri": "/envelopes/e9dcc0d1-9825-4d8c-92c7-efeaed79e3d6/recipients",
            "attachmentsUri": "/envelopes/e9dcc0d1-9825-4d8c-92c7-efeaed79e3d6/attachments",
            "envelopeUri": "/envelopes/e9dcc0d1-9825-4d8c-92c7-efeaed79e3d6",
            "emailSubject": "Samantha Symonds Envelope",
            "envelopeId": "e9dcc0d1-9825-4d8c-92c7-efeaed79e3d6",
            "signingLocation": "online",
            "customFieldsUri": "/envelopes/e9dcc0d1-9825-4d8c-92c7-efeaed79e3d6/custom_fields",
            "notificationUri": "/envelopes/e9dcc0d1-9825-4d8c-92c7-efeaed79e3d6/notification",
            "enableWetSign": "true",
            "allowMarkup": "false",
            "allowReassign": "true",
            "createdDateTime": "2024-03-22T12:37:22.37Z",
            "lastModifiedDateTime": "2024-03-22T12:37:22.383Z",
            "deliveredDateTime": "2024-03-22T12:38:32.93Z",
            "initialSentDateTime": "2024-03-22T12:37:23.337Z",
            "sentDateTime": "2024-03-22T12:37:23.337Z",
            "completedDateTime": "2024-03-22T12:39:17.327Z",
            "statusChangedDateTime": "2024-03-22T12:39:17.327Z",
            "documentsCombinedUri": "/envelopes/e9dcc0d1-9825-4d8c-92c7-efeaed79e3d6/documents/combined",
            "certificateUri": "/envelopes/e9dcc0d1-9825-4d8c-92c7-efeaed79e3d6/documents/certificate",
            "templatesUri": "/envelopes/e9dcc0d1-9825-4d8c-92c7-efeaed79e3d6/templates",
            "expireEnabled": "true",
            "expireDateTime": "2024-07-20T12:37:23.337Z",
            "expireAfter": "120",
            "sender": {
                "userName": "David O xxxxxxxxxxx",
                "userId": "xxxxxxxxxxx",
                "accountId": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
                "email": "davxxxxxhony@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
                "ipAddress": "20.49xxxxxxxxxx"
            "customFields": {
                "textCustomFields": [
                        "fieldId": "11047194310",
                        "name": "Tenant",
                        "show": "true",
                        "required": "true",
                        "value": "xxxxxx"
                "listCustomFields": []
            "recipients": {
                "signers": [
                        "signatureInfo": {
                            "signatureName": "Samantha Symonds",
                            "signatureInitials": "SS",
                            "fontStyle": "docusign7"
                        "creationReason": "sender",
                        "isBulkRecipient": "false",
                        "recipientSuppliesTabs": "true",
                        "requireUploadSignature": "false",
                        "name": "Samantha Symonds",
                        "email": "",
                        "recipientId": "5489",
                        "recipientIdGuid": "6067b7fc-9a5e-4b20-86d5-059080cff3c0",
                        "requireIdLookup": "false",
                        "userId": "9b4dc2ae-5ef0-463c-84e2-0f5c4ee6d29d",
                        "clientUserId": "albN",
                        "embeddedRecipientStartURL": "SIGN_AT_DOCUSIGN",
                        "routingOrder": "1",
                        "status": "completed",
                        "completedCount": "1",
                        "signedDateTime": "2024-03-22T12:39:17.327Z",
                        "deliveredDateTime": "2024-03-22T12:38:32.743Z",
                        "sentDateTime": "2024-03-22T12:37:23.29Z",
                        "deliveryMethod": "email",
                        "recipientType": "signer"
                "agents": [],
                "editors": [],
                "intermediaries": [],
                "carbonCopies": [],
                "certifiedDeliveries": [],
                "inPersonSigners": [],
                "seals": [],
                "witnesses": [],
                "notaries": [],
                "recipientCount": "1",
                "currentRoutingOrder": "1"
            "purgeState": "unpurged",
            "envelopeIdStamping": "true",
            "is21CFRPart11": "false",
            "signerCanSignOnMobile": "true",
            "autoNavigation": "true",
            "isSignatureProviderEnvelope": "false",
            "hasFormDataChanged": "false",
            "allowComments": "true",
            "hasComments": "false",
            "allowViewHistory": "true",
            "envelopeMetadata": {
                "allowAdvancedCorrect": "true",
                "enableSignWithNotary": "true",
                "allowCorrect": "true"
            "anySigner": null,
            "envelopeLocation": "current_site",
            "isDynamicEnvelope": "false",
            "burnDefaultTabData": "false"



On parsing attempt the following is returned usign standard .net parser


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Hello @Dave WDX ,

If possible, I would recommend working with the Dev Support team and opening a support case if you don’t get a further responses here just to ensure it’s not a DocuSign issue. From what I can parse from your received envelope event data and the error, the DocuSign envelope response looks well formatted and aligns with API documentation found here: I’m not sure why a delimiter would be expected for that line.

As a side note, I’ve checked multiple times and line 67 is

"isBulkRecipient": "false",

but the error seems to be related to and triggering for the node prior (line 66)

 "creationReason": "sender",

I’m assuming that it’s a copy/paste issue with the response in this post and not an actual problem but wanted to point it out in case it does end up being related.

Looking for related issues online, there seems to be a common thread of truncated or chunked responses expecting a delimiter in unusual locations to be able to concatenate the chunked responses when reassembled.

I’m curious to see what the resolution ends up being.