• 30 April 2024
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I’m using the SDK C# and when sending a request Envelopes::GetDocument (link) to get the documents, this fails with error:

"errorCode":"COMBINEDDOWNLOAD_UNABLETOGENERATEPDF","message":"Unable to generate combined PDF. Please download the documents as an archive."


Odd thing is that we are not requesting combined documents. Asking for combined documents would need the specific keyword “combined”, but we don’t have it or use it. Could the error code be related to something else than combined documents? I have not found any information about this error code.

6 replies

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My name is Koll with the developer support team at DocuSign. From what I can tell you are running into a bug (IM-39704) which is currently being investigated by our engineering team at DocuSign.
A few potential workarounds might be to try and download the envelope in the normal web console, or try and use some of the parameters listed on that endpoint such as “combined” to see if that makes a difference. Ideally these workarounds wouldn’t be needed but since this is a bug, the results might vary until engineering fixes the underlying issue. 

Thank you @KollK for the asnwer. Helps to know that this is a known issue.

I have some following questions:

  • Am I able to follow the bug status somewhere?
  • Are there any known preconditions for this issue to appear? Or any known steps to reproduce?


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We do have bug statuses you can view but it requires an open DocuSign case. The article below provides more information.

Since this is a bug still under investigation it doesn’t look like we have any specific preconditions or reproduction steps that are known. 

Hi @KollK - now the GetDocuments started to respond

"errorCode":"USER_AUTHENTICATION_FAILED","message":"One or both of Username and Password are invalid. Invalid access token"

even though all other API calls before GetDocument are passing OK (like Envelopes::listDocument returns succesfully) and also checks for token validity etc. are done before calling these methods.

What could be the cause?

I opened a separate question for the authentication failed.


Hey, is there any update for the IM-39704 bug?