com.docusign.esign.client -- Cannot be resolved

  • 18 May 2024
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I am trying to integrate the docusign to my existing project and after adding the docusign SDK dependency from below url to my maven project getting error “com.docusign.esign.client -- Cannot be resolved


I followed adding dependency tag (as stated below) to my pom.xml file.


so after adding the dependency, For testing purpose i added a reference “com.docusign.esign.client.ApiClient” to my .java class and started getting above dependency error. do i have to specify any additional dependency for docusing.esign.client apart from below to my pom.xml file? Any suggestions please?


<dependency>    <groupId>com.docusign</groupId>    <artifactId>docusign-esign-java</artifactId>    <version>5.0.0-RC1</version></dependency>

4 replies

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So now i commented out the apiclient reference and tried using “import com.docusign.esign.api.EnvelopesApi;” by calling the constructor 

EnvelopesApi envelopesApi = new EnvelopesApi(null);

to see what happens this time i get below errors. so there is definitely the dependency is not right. 

com.docusign.esign.api -- Cannot be resolved
com.docusign.esign.client -- Cannot be resolved



any suggestion please?


Note: But I could able to see the docusign sdk in my maven dependencies.


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To effectively utilize the DocuSign eSignature SDK in your Java project, it's essential to import the necessary classes. Below are the typical import statements you'll need to include in your Java code after adding the Maven package for DocuSign:

These imports cover fundamental components such as the API client (ApiClient), authentication (OAuth), APIs for managing envelopes (EnvelopesApi), envelope definitions (EnvelopeDefinition), signers (Signer), signature tabs (SignHere), documents (Document), and recipients (Recipients).

Make sure to adjust the imports based on your specific usage scenario and the tasks you intend to perform with the DocuSign eSignature SDK. Each class import corresponds to a specific functionality or data structure provided by the SDK, facilitating the integration of DocuSign capabilities into your Java application.

import com.docusign.esign.client.ApiClient;

import com.docusign.esign.client.ApiException;

import com.docusign.esign.api.*;

import com.docusign.esign.model.*;


One you import all these dependencies please re-start the eclipse.


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Thanks & Regards

Sai HariPriya Dandamudi | Developer Support Engineer | DocuSign

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Thank you for your response. It appears that my Maven project is correctly set up with respect to the reference, as I am able to use all the methods from the specified namespace.

However, it seems there is an issue with the OSGI bundle in our AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) core. Do you have any reference documents or guidance on how to bundle the DocuSign package as an OSGI bundle? Below is the reference I may have to try if this does not work. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

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I have resolved the issue myself with the approach provided below article