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  • 22 May 2024
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In a Salesforce to DocuSign integration.
In, I created an app and integration key for use with a SF Partial sandbox.  I went through the Go Live and promoted that IK to DocuSign Production, and am using it in SF Production environment.  
My SF Partial integration settings have not been changed and are still using the IK that has been promoted.
Are the envelopes that are being generated via SF Partial, since it is using the same IK as Prod, being created with a monetary charge?  I just looked at a new signed doc from SF Partial and it has the red Demo language in the upper right.


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The integration key promoted to the Production environment has the same value (GUID) as the integration key in the Demo environment. However, both integration keys are completely separate and don't share anything, such as configuration. 

If you see the red Demo language in the envelope, it means the envelope was sent by the Demo account, so it won't be counted and charged to your Production account. 

You can also check what account send the envelope by logging in to Docusign Portal both on Prod and Demo account. You'll find the sent envelope on the Agreement Tab only from the one account, Prod or Demo.