Salesforce flow not sending document for other users

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I have set up a flow in salesforce which sends out Docusign envelopes based on a triggered flow. The trigger works perfectly fine for me as the Admin, however, when I log in as one of my end users the envelope is not sent. I have checked to make sure the user is active, added permission sets (Docusign Login, Docusign Sender, Docusign User), and enabled the system sender setting for eSignature in Salesforce. What am I missing here?

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Are the users correctly set up in Docusign eSignature with a permission profile that has sending rights, e.g. the standard “DS Sender” profile. If they are configured as “DS Viewer”, they cannot send any envelope at all, regardless if this is directly from the Docusign eSignature Web App or an integration like

The system sender setting only applies, when you leverage the Apex Toolkit and not the standard sent for signature buttons that can be added to the Salesforce page layout for the Docusign Apps Launcher package.

I am also not 100% if you are actually able to use the Docusign eSignature functionality when you use the Salesforce functionality to login as a different user, so you may want to test with an actual user logging into Salesforce after you checked the permission profile settings as described above and if you actually use the Apex toolkit for the system sender to be active.

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Thanks @Michael.Rave ,yes, the users are setup as “DS Senders” in Docusign. When the user sign in themselves it still is not sending. I have also tried to change the permission sets for the users (Docusign login only, Docusign login and sender, etc.) to no avail.

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Hello @JadeG,

Do you also mind sharing the version of the managed package you have installed? When an envelope is triggered from a Flow, I would expect that it shouldn’t matter if the user who made an update in Salesforce to trigger it would require Docusign permissions.

Do you also mind sharing a screen shot of the settings for the “Send with DocuSign” apex action? Example of mine below:


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Hi @Derrick.Tran ,



Hello @Derrick.Tran and @JadeG - I am also experiencing this issue. I believe that this could have something to do with users authorizing DocuSign and granting their consent within Salesforce.

We are on version 6.2 of the app, but we noticed that when another user authorized DocuSign from within Salesforce, the flow began working for them and sending the docusign for signature. This user had to navigate to the DocuSign Setup tab in the DocuSign Apps Launcher to receive a prompt to authorize and grant consent.

The documentation (How to authenticate) suggests that a user should be able to authorize and grant consent from the DocuSign Envelope Status component in Lightning, but the component does not appear to prompt unauthorized users to authorize in our environment.

Is there a way to prompt a user to authorize within the DocuSign Envelope Status component (or elsewhere) that doesn’t require giving users access to the DocuSign Setup tab?

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@Alejandro.Ramos - I am not the original author of this question, so I cannot “Select as Best.” However, for anyone that encounters a similar issue, please refer to my previous post in this thread. We ended up upgrading our installed DocuSign package version. Following this, we documented how a user could access the DocuSign Setup tab to receive the prompt to authorize the DocuSign integration to act on the user’s behalf. Finally, we granted permissions to users in a controlled fashion to give them access to the DocuSign Setup tab (removing permissions once authorization had been granted by the user).