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  • 18 March 2024
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I need to know if I void an active envelope with a paid invoice, does that void the payment totally

4 replies

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@Ldowner Per the following FAQ document on Payments, if the envelope is voided prior to all Recipients who need to take action have completed those actions, then the payment is not made. See the second bullet point.


When is payment made?

  • If there is only one recipient signing the document, the payment will be made right away.
  • If others have been asked to sign the document, payment will be made as soon as everyone who has to sign has signed and the envelope is complete. If anyone who needs to sign declines to sign the document, the envelope is voided and payment will not be made.
  • If there are multiple signers for the document, and one of them declines to sign, the payment will not be made. Payments are only made after all signatures are collected and the document is complete.
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That’s what I thought but I keep getting phone calls stating that the 1st payment that they made still shows it going through even though the envelope was voided.

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@Ldowner If there is a situation that you are noting that falls outside the expectation such as the payment being processed even with the envelope being voided, I would create a DocuSign Support case with the relevant details, envelope id, payment type etc, so DocuSign can investigate the issue.

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