Creating custom envelope using workato, pipefy and docusign

  • 2 April 2024
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Hello everyone, everything good?
I would like some very complete help from you, it's the first time I'm dealing with this, so I'm pretty lost.

The company I'm working for uses Pipefy for CRM and another subscription platform, from what I understand it works like this:

There is a recipe in Workato that integrates with pipefy,
At the end of the recipe (last 5 steps or so) it connects to a safe on the other platform where there are several documents with pre-defined text and where there are customer fields, there is a code that gets the information from the card within pipefy and fill it out and then send the envelope

I wanted to understand how I can do this within DocuSign.

I tried to create a template within DocuSign, but how do I link the Pipefy fields within DocuSign?

here is an example image of our contract with the fields in the other tool:



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Hi @georgebeltrame,


Welcome to the DocuSign Community!


We are glad to have you here and can't wait to help share as much knowledge as possible.


I understand that you are looking to integrate DocuSign using Pipefy, and I will share more details on the topic.


Since this integration was not developed directly by DocuSign, we lack context on its internal setup.


Taking this into consideration, it will be in your best interest to reach out to Pipefy Support for further assistance on this configuration.


Best regards,


Alejandro R. | DocuSign Community Moderator  


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For the record, the case was solved with the assistance of DocuSign and Pipefy.


Here is a preview of what was done (in DocuSign Drag and Drop mode)


The connection between platforms must be OAuth2

Drag and drop mode: you create/attach the contract model with the fields that must be filled in with information from empty pipefy cards

In the DocuSign developer environment, you create template models in Drag and Drop mode.

Attention: It is not possible to do this in the production environment, you create the model in the developer environment and then import it into the production environment.


Observation: If you need to have the options to send a contract template by email and/or by WhatsApp, you will need to create 2 contract templates, each defined for the shipping type.


Filling in subscribers must be as specified in the template


In Workato (Pipefy integration tool) you will create the recipe using variables and DocuSign's CompositeTemplate formula:



Once this is done, you create a step for webhook via http (remembering that you need to have a specific webhook recipe)

One step to update the card

One step to lookup table


step 4 identifies some conditions for selecting the correct contract

step 5 if the sending method is via WhatsApp

setp 6 creates a variable for WhatsApp numbers to be filled in correctly

step 7 composite template

others speak for themselves



After testing is performed, you need to perform integration between the development and production platform


important information: in some tests, filling in the information in the contract only worked in the production environment. In the developer environment, the information was not filled in.

But to create the recipes, that was enough.


It's not the best explanation in the world, but I hope it helps anyone else who has questions.