IOS mobile app glitch.

  • 11 April 2024
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I have 3 issues and I need help.

1. Can I see the other signing party details before them signing. I always run into them not wanting to sign until they see me sign my side first so they can see the price and I can’t put price until they fill their side of what they are wanting. 

  1. Recently when I’m working on the contracts it doesn’t show me the full bar. I updated my phone and the app. I also, deleted the app and downloaded it again and I’m still seeing this problem on the iOS version (phone and iPad). Attached is a picture of what it looks like. 
  2. How do I cancel/ void a contract after signing? 

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4 replies

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Hi @Engy !

Let me try to help you with your questions!

  1. Yes! You can access your DocuSign app home page > menu > inbox > click on the envelope and you’ll get all recipient details.
  2. Sorry, I think I don’t understand exactly what you mean about “full bar”. Are you talking about the fields option?
  3. If the envelope is still in progress, you can reach out to the sender and ask them to void it. However, if the envelope was completed by all recipients, you can’t void it anymore.
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  1. I did that and it still only shows my side without showing the other party details. Is there something I need to do in my settings to fix that issue? 
  2. Yes, I also provided a picture to show what it looks like in the main post. 

Thank you so much for your help @Vinicius.Rodrigues

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Hi @Engy !

  1. When you check the envelope details through Inbox, you should see all recipients for the envelope, like in the example below. Unfortunately, I don’t have any iOS device to take some screenshots, but I can suggest you watch this video at 02:18 minutes.
    Video: DocuSign eSignature: iOS Mobile App
  2. For this point, based on your screenshot you can see 9 field options. For iOS we could have up to 10 field options, but some of them aren’t available in all scenarios (like templates). Maybe this can justify why you aren’t seeing the Dropdown (the last available field missing).
    Please, check this article to get more details: Supported Fields and Properties for Offline Signing with DocuSign Mobile Apps
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Hello @Engy ,

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