Exposing enabled features in developer sandbox vs. production

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Our team experienced a critical issue in going live from our developer app to our production app. API calls that worked seamlessly on sandbox failed on production. It appears that a feature, Enable In-Browser Editor, was missing on production, similar to the error reported here. 

We are incredulous as to why the feature would have been enabled in the sandbox but not in our production instance, if the sandbox was set up by the DocuSign team. An issue like this renders the GoLive instructions useless, if performed in a sandbox that cannot mirror production. 

In order to prevent a problem like this in the future, is it possible to expose the enabled features in the sandbox in order to cross-reference with production?

We are also looking for clarification on which features are enabled for developer environments by default (developer apps) when configured by DocuSign on behalf of customers or if these are specific to each customer’s agreement. 




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The developer account is by default enabled with all features so that the customer can test the feature without limitation. However, the production account has a limited feature depending on the account plan you subscribe to.

If you've purchased the Docusign production account through the web, you can find the available feature through this page:

If you've purchased the Docusign production account through Docusign account manager, please contact your Docusign account manager to check which feature is available with your account. You can also open the support ticket to find what particular features are available.

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The error and the link you provided relates to the product Docusign Gen for Salesforce, which is a paid add-on to Docusign eSignature. It is probably not enabled in production account because you did not purchase a Docusign plan that has this feature included or not purchase the add-on to enable it.

The sandbox/demo environment it set up to have all featured enabled to be able to test them out and not match the production environment. For larger customers we suggest to have a custom sandbox that only has the features from production enabled on it. Then you have the same configuration and there will be no issues with going live due to potential feature differences.

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Thanks for these answers. @Michael.Rave we have an account manager and DocuSign set up the sandbox for us. We had initially thought that the wrong feature was enabled on sandbox but it turned out that our account manager forgot to enable this feature on production, hence our code failed at go-live. 

Going forward, we will make sure the account manager provides us with a list of enabled features so we can verify before a hard launch.

We are also hoping that DocuSign will improve the transparency of this process, in terms of how new versions and features are enabled remotely by a DocuSign employee, acknowledging what can go wrong in the timing and fidelity of the configuration when working this way.