When I log in I am stuck, tons of javascript errors and a modal that says contact CS, but enable to.

  • 10 May 2024
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I can log in, but there is an error modal that blocks the page. (

I see tons of javascript errors that say:
“[OPTIMIZELY] - ERROR 2024-05-09T22:53:59.227Z ATTRIBUTES_VALIDATOR: Provided attribute: accountPlan has an undefined value.”

I hit “contact support”, and I can’t because it says:

Unable to log in.
If this is your first login attempt after purchasing a DocuSign plan, allow 15 minutes for account creation before accessing your account.
For all other log in scenarios,  contact DocuSign Support  for assistance.



going back to this page:

I have to inspect the js console, remove the error message modal from the HTML.
After I do that, i can click on the manage button and everything is usable, but still see thousands of JS errors.

Seriously, this is some mickey mouse web development, with comments and unobfuscated JS, and really bad error handling. I wouldn’t even be surprised if these errors were not logged anywhere and they went into a void.

Now I am questioning docusign’s ability to keep my data secure if their front-end development is so bad.



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