Esignature Domain Change- API for Email Bulk Changes

  • 16 February 2024
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Is it possible to do the solution mentioned below through their API in bulk?

Our Identity Provider is configured to use the email address as the NameID, for which DocuSign outlines the following solution for only one email at a time:

1. Update the user's email address in the Identity Provider.
2. In DocuSign, navigate to Org Admin > Users and search for the user by their current email address.
3. Navigate to the Profile tab and update the current email to the new email.
Note: The new email address must be on a domain managed by your Organization.
4. Navigate to the Security tab and reset the user's Federated ID.
5. Click Save at the bottom of the page".

However, we are not able to change each email account manually.

Any help would be appreciated it.


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Hello Team


Please find the API to update bulk user email address .


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