Updating the options in a custom field on a template using REST

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Probably a n00b question for you guys, but i am in a little time pickle. I am a seasoned developer with little to none experience with docusign (one day 😉), but i cannot get a good handle on how to go about the following.


  1. We have templates being used in my corp
  2. Now and then there are changes in our organizations masterdata
  3. I need to update the listitems on the templated documents being sent for signing

What is the correct way of doing this?


Suggestions, blogs, youtubes and other are appreciated




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Assuming that you have the necessary permissions to access the template, open the template, click next to open the tagged form.
Click on the field that has your list of values

On the right hand side under options select edit values, make the updates and save the template when you exit the template.


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Thank for the reply @James.DunmoreSmith, but I am trying to accomplish this using rest api. Do you have experience doing it using the rest api?

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Thank you for reaching out to the DocuSign Community.

To update the tabs in an envelope via API, you have to use this documentation


Identify and Update List Items. Identify the tab(s) you want to update. For instance, if you have a `listTabs` field, you can update it by specifying the new list items.

curl -X PUT "{accountId}/templates/{templateId}/documents/{documentId}/tabs" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer {accessToken}" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{
"listTabs": [
"tabLabel": "List1",
"listItems": [
{"text": "Option1", "value": "1"},
{"text": "Option2", "value": "2"},
{"text": "Option3", "value": "3"}




Eric | Docusign

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@Eric Ruiz I didn’t get that to work due to an error back

"message": "The Tab specified is not valid for the requested operation. Updated tabs must all be Strikethrough or SmartSection tabs if you're not specifying a valid recipient."

, but i managed to updated it using this endpoint