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  • 4 June 2024
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Hi everyone,

Calling from Thailand. We using DocuSign with  SAPSF to initiate Recruitment Document and get candidate to sign. Now we are working with Rolling Arrays to establish their ePfile to connect with our SF. They need to have DocuSign configuration details but I can’t find it. Anyone know or has any experience connect with ePfile or could help navigate would really appreciated.



1 reply


Hi Sukvee,

That information in the screenshot is found in the "Apps and keys" page and it is the information of the integration keys.

If you don't have any existing integration key that was manually created by the administrator (not coming from installed apps such as Salesforce), you will need to create the integration key in our Demonstration (sandbox) environment.

Here's our FAQ for integration keys and Go-Live process:

Please, bear in mind that DocuSign Support is unable to create integration keys on behalf of customers.