How to obtain all completed envelopes with a single API call

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I am attempting to obtain all completed envelopes (received, sent, deleted (disappeared from the trash Folder), and shared) that a currently logged-in user has access to, by calling the liststatuschanges API.

However, when specifying the following minimum set of parameters, only envelopes that the logged-in user has created are returned with CC'ed files, files received upon signature request, etc. missing.



When folder_types=normal,inbox,sentitems was included, I was able to confirm the return of sent and received files, however, deleted files (disappeared from the trash Folder) and shared files were not returned.

Is there a way to obtain all files, including deleted files, that a presently logged-in user has access to, in a single API call?

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Hi there! 

Deleted envelopes which are not in the Deleted Items folder anymore are not part of a specific folder and are hidden from general view. This is by design. However, if you have the envelope Id of a deleted envelope, you can still fetch it using an Envelopes: GET call


Shared Access (i.e. envelopes that are shared with your user), require a slight tweak. This is explored here in this Stackoverflow post but the summary is that, you’d need to specify in the query parameters the userId of the user you want to view the envelopes of.

An administrator can use this to view envelopes of all users in the account. They would just need to run this call in a loop and iterate over all userIds whose envelopes they wish to query. 

Hope this answers your question! 

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Thank you for responding.

I would like to double check just to be sure.
When an administrator searches with liststatuschanges API, if the user_id and file_type are not specified as parameters,
1. An administrator can retrieve all envelopes created by all users in the account.
2. An administrator can't retrieve envelopes sent by a user in another company account.
Is this correct?


@optim developer 

  1. Not quite, without any query parameters, only envelopes by the administrator would be returned by listStatusChanges. 
  1. Correct. 
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Thank you for responding.

I am somewhat confused now, as you state that without any query parameters only envelopes by the administrator would be returned. However, when I try the following parameters with admin priviledges (DS Admin), I also receive envelopes created by other users.