How to monitor multiple envelopes sent by different users in my organization and update a database?

  • 7 June 2024
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Hello Docusign community!

I need to update a database whenever an envelope receives a signature (it's not enough to simply check if it's completed; I need to be notified for each signature). However, in my organization, several people send documents for signature, and I need to monitor all of them. So, how can I perform real-time monitoring of multiple envelopes sent by different users (within the same organization)? I have access to everyone's envelopes. Would this be done using an API? Can I achieve this in Python or with another resource? How?

1 reply


Hi there.

You can achieve that by creating a webhook listener using DocuSign Connect and set a trigger for completed envelopes.

That way, Connect will send a JSON with the envelope's data to the listener added to Connect. More details in this link.

Another option is checking the status of the envelopes via API using a GET statement, but if you are in a big organization, it can create a polling violation since you'd be sending a GET statement repeatedly.

The recommendation is sticking to DocuSign Connect.