DocuSign email subject is having "***Test Document***"

  • 13 June 2024
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After I promoted my APIKEY from Developer Account to Production, when running “SigningViaEmailTest”, the

  1. Email sender is “
  2. Email Subject is “***Test Document***<<my custom email subject>>”. This should be “<<my custom email subject>>”.
  3. Email Body contains “This document is for demonstration purpose only.”. This should not be displayed.
  4. Email Body contains <<my DocuSign Profile name>> and <<Email>>. Though I am setting EnvelopeDefinition.setSender(UserInfo), the default values on my Docusign profile are coming.

3 replies

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Tried following advise on this question, but still struck with same issue:


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The subject line prefix “Test Document” is typical in demo environments to indicate non-production emails.  You will need to adjust the API call and change the AccountID and the base URI.

Can you share your API call?


As @JohnSantos has mentioned, your integration is probably still pointing to the demo/developer environment.

You will need to change your integration to point to the production endpoints, here is a guide on the things to after go live: