Docusign API - Note tab not working

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I’m trying to add a note tab it is being displayed but the value which I want to show is not displayed.
Trying to set value by calling setValue method of Note tab. 
This is how it appears on screen

Any leads on how to resolve it is appreciated.

I also tried adding tool tip and it doesn’t work either.

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@karanvir93 - Make sure that your payload is correctly formatted according to the DocuSign API specifications.  Can you share what you are using? 



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Hi John thanks for the reply… Below is how I’m using ti:Note note = new Note();//Getting signature.getPageNumber(),getxPosition,getyPosition,getOtherSignType from the //payload note.setPageNumber(String.valueOf(signature.getPageNumber()));note.setXPosition(String.valueOf(signature.getxPosition()));note.setYPosition(String.valueOf(signature.getyPosition()));note.setTabLabel(signature.getOtherSignType());note.setDocumentId("1");note.setValue("Help info");note.setTooltip("Help info");note.setRecipientId(signature.getSignerEmail());


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@karanvir93 - It looks correct.   Can you ensure the xPosition and yPosition are within the bounds of the document page dimensions. Also, the pageNumber?

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Yes the xPosition and yPosition are both correct as it is being displayed in the document. Only the value and tool tip are not shown.


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@karanvir93 - I can think of anything else.  Can you also check the recipientID this is assigned to? 

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yes… I’m setting it too

there is only 1 recipient and using local mapping to “1”


Hi @karanvir93 ,

Can you please open a case directly with DocuSign Developer Support?
That way we can gather the required information to properly troubleshoot the issue.

Here is a guide on how to open a case with Support:,Sub%2DCategory%20for%20your%20issue.

You can reference this post using the following URL:
Let us know if you need anything else in the meantime.

Best regards,
Conar | DocuSign Developer Support