Docusign API - Either of a text box to be enabled at a time

  • 3 June 2024
  • 1 reply

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Using Dosucisgn API

I’ve 2 text boxes - requirement is if an user enters anything in one of the text box then the other should get disabled/locked and vice versa. 

I know it could be achieved by having radio buttons but it is govt regulated form and don’t want to add new fields in the form. 

How to achieve it using Docusign API?

1 reply


Hi Karanvir93,

DocuSign does not offer an option to achieve that natively. The only way I can think of achieving that through DocuSign would be using radio buttons, but you already discarded that option.

Depending on your needs, you could build a webform to log the information where you’d have more control. Based on what's filled in there, you could create your payload to send with the API request call.

I hope the information above is helpful.


Leandro Reis