Custom Built App Integration for Dynamic PDF

  • 7 June 2024
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Hi all,

I am attempting to implement a very specific use case that I’d hope/assume is possible:

Background Info:
We have developed an internal tool for a client that allows users to create daily work records. These daily work records are dynamic, obviously, due to the record containing the work performed for that day. Currently, the end of each day, the users download the pdf, email it to their customers, and have them download and digitally sign however they can, and resend it back. We are already generating a pdf with the data for that day, so once the record is submitted for the day, that document is static.

The Feature:
We want to take this static pdf, and add a signature spot at the bottom of the page for the customer to retrieve an email with the docusign signature request, rather than a simple email with an attached document. The clear pathway I see that is probably the easiest implementation would be creating a blank template with a signature field on it, and when we send the email, we combine the blank template with the generated pdf. 

Do any of you have an idea of how to implement something in this manner or have a better solution? This is my first time utilzing the Docusign APIs so forgive my ignorance. 


1 reply



If I understand you want to use the PDFs and send them as envelopes to sign, is that correct? If yes, you can have two approaches.

1 - If you use the same PDF Documents: 
You can create a template with the desired PDFs if they are frequently used, then, you can create envelopes from these Templates that you created through the DocuSign Console. You can check how to perform that in the article below:

2 - If you use different PDFs frequently:

In this case, you can use Anchor Tags to select where your Fields can be placed on your Envelopes. You can check how to do so in the article below:

If you need further help, you can log in a ticket to the Support Team to further analyze your account and request.