Can't be able to extend expiration of an envelope

  • 13 June 2024
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Hello Everyone,

When we create the envelope by default expiry be after 120 days. We tried to extend expiry of an envelope by adding number days to the expireAfter method but it still not updating, let me know the process to add new expiry day to the envelope. May I know that we can extend the expiration of an envelope by using developer account or not else we need any subscription to extend the expiration of an envelope.

And also, please let me know I need to configure any setting in the developer account from my end.

Thanks and Regards

Charan Balam


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5 replies

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Hi Charan,

For all new envelopes, you can increase the no of Days before request expire to maximum 999 days.

( DocuSign Account → Settings → Reminders & Expiration )

For an in progress envelope, you can correct and change the expiration dates

(Select Envelope → Correct → Advanced Options)

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If you want the API to use anything other than the default 120-day expiration with no reminders, you need to specify it in the API call.

This is controlled by the notification object in your call to create the envelope. If you don’t specify a notification object, then the default API parameters will be used. If you would like to use the reminder and notification settings that you have specified on your Docusign account, then you will need to use the notification object and set the useAccountDefaults parameter inside of it to true.

Alternatively, you can use the notification object and leave useAccountDefaults as false while setting the expiration and notification settings for the envelope that you’re creating. In this example, I’ll set the envelope to have specified notification and expiration settings instead of using my account defaults.

Code example:

"status": "sent",
"emailSubject": "This is a custom email subject.",
"emailBlurb": "This is a custom email blurb.",
"useAccountDefaults": false,
"expireEnabled": true,
"expireAfter": "30",
"expireWarn": "20"
"reminderEnabled": true,
"reminderDelay": "3",
"reminderFrequency": "5"
"documents": [{
"documentId": "1",
"name": "TestDocument.docx",
"fileExtension": "docx",
"documentBase64": "base64Document"
"recipients": {
"signers": [{
"name": "John Doe",
"email": "",
"recipientId": "1",
"tabs": {
"signHereTabs": [{
"xPosition": "25",
"yPosition": "50",
"documentId": "1",
"pageNumber": "1"

This envelope will not use the account defaults or the API defaults and will instead expire after 30 days with a warning after 20 days that the envelope will be expiring soon. It will also send the first reminder to sign after three days and then every five days after that.

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Ref link : Default API reminder and expiration settings (

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Hi Neethujkp,

i want to update the envelope expiration after envelope is sent. Let me know the process


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Hi @neethujkp ,

After creation of an envelope i am updating the expiration date of an envelope but it throwing error as '{"errorCode":"USER_LACKS_PERMISSIONS","message":"This User lacks sufficient permissions. Setting: userOverrideEnabled."}'. Let me know I need to configure anything.

Thanks and Regards

Charan Balam