Queries Regarding Envelope signers and Downloading the Documents

  • 31 May 2024
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Hello everyone, I have a few questions regarding Documents and Signers customizing while developing Embedded Signing.

  1. What is the provision to skip one signature?
  2. Can I modify signers list after the first signer has done the signature? Are there any Classes or any properties to modify the remaining signers?
  3. In my payload i’m passing xPosition and yPosition to signhere tab, what if i’m not passing these values? where can signer the sign in the document?
  4. Is the signed document downloadable for infinite time or any limited days?

Thanks for Answers...

1 reply




My name is Sean I am with the Developer Support team at Docusign


  1. I would take a look at conditional routing, the following link shows you how you would set it up using the api:
  2. You would do that using the update recipients endpoint, the properties that you require are contained within the following article:
  3. You would use a template where you preset the location of the input, the following article will show you more about this  or you would use anchor tags which auto places the fields depending on the tab labels that you set the following article will show you that
  4. Yes as long as they aren’t deleted from the account you have access.