Embedded signing on our website following an enveloppe automatically generated (from a template of our account) after a form completion : Question about auth type

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We are in the process of integrating an integrated signature flow on our website via your API, and we have some questions.

Our project is to allow our customers to sign their contract on our website, without leaving it. They fill out a form that we manage and process in PHP, and when they click on the " signing my contract" button, it should generate a contract from a template that we have set up in our DocuSign account, pre-fill the fields with the elements of our form, and allow the customer to sign their contract, while remaining on our site. If successful, or if there is an error, the customer is redirected to different confirmation pages, still on our site.

Our customers do not have a Docusign account and should not be asked to authenticate themselves.

From this point on, we wonder about the following point:

We have consulted the documentation but we are not sure which type of authentication is suitable for our project: Authorization Code Grant or JWT? The JWT seems to be more adapted because in the case of the Authorization Code Grant it imposes a regular connection of the owner of the application, which is not the desired goal. Is this really the case?

We have a doubt because on your example which proposes the scheme we want to implement, it is the Authorization Code Grant which is used.


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Thank you for reaching out here in the DocuSign Community.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but since this community is for general use of DocuSign and break/fix issues. It is not for the development of integrations, use of API, CRM build-out, and customization, the API, Code, and development of integrations-related questions belong to our Developer Community at Please use the #DocuSignAPI tag you can also view our rich Dev Resources.

Let us know if you need further assistance with this.

Best regards,

Christopher | DocuSign Community Moderator

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My husband and I are applying for financing of a manufactured home. We filled out the application with me and with him as a co-signer. He does not have an e-mail address, so I listed my e-mail address for both of us. The boxes for me to use to sign are fine, but no boxes are available for him to check. Is this because of the same e-mail address? Do I need to re-do the application with a different e-mail address for him, or could there have been an error in the document we were sent? Should I send separate applications for each of us? Thank you.