Adding new signer to existing envelope

  • 5 June 2024
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Hello everyone,


I am working on embedding signing. When I am adding new signer to existing envelope it is getting added to the existing signers and also, we mentioned xPosition and yPosition for Signhere tabs. We are able generate new URI for that newly added signer. When we tried to sign the document using that URI, it is not showing signhere tabs instead it is showing drag and drop for the signature.


Thank and Regards

Charan Balam



1 reply

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Hello Charan,

Thank you for reaching out here in the DocuSign Community.


I'm sorry that you are having this inconvenience, but the error may be that when a new signer enters, the necessary information is not being established for the signer box to appear.

It is important that each container be unique.

"To designate a recipient as embedded, you must set a value (unique within the envelope, but otherwise arbitrary) for their clientUserId property alongside your other container properties, such as name and email. The clientUserId is a sender-defined value that identifies the embedded container and allows a signing URL to be generated for them."

The ideal would be for you to share the Docusign logs to review how the embedding signing is being created. 


Eric | Docusign