How can Docusign Navigator help me save time?

  • 29 May 2024
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Completed agreements are hard to find. Inefficient access to information takes time away from value-add employees and activities. How can Docusign Navigator help resolve this?


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Docusign Navigator allows you to centralize agreements and empower your most valuable teams to find what they need fast.

Here are the ways Navigator can help save time:

  • Centralized storage: Store your completed agreements in one location to improve agreement organization and visibility.
  • Automatic Sync with eSignature: Automatically access all your completed and newly signed agreements from Docusign eSignature.
  • Bulk Agreement Upload: Bulk upload historical agreements completed outside of Docusign.
  • Individual Agreement Upload: End users can upload agreements ad hoc and associate them with relevant parties.
  • Agreement List: See all your completed agreements in a simplified view and sort or filter by various attributes.
  • Comprehensive Search: Find relevant agreements fast by searching for key attributes, specific keywords, or related terms within the content of an agreement.
  • Agreement Preview: Preview any given agreement with key information clearly visible thanks to AI.

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