How can Docusign Navigator help increase revenue?

  • 29 May 2024
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Lack of access to agreement information can lead to missed renewal opportunities and keep you locked into agreements that are not cost-effective. How can Docusign Navigator help to resolve this issue?


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Docusign Navigator puts AI to work to handle tedious tasks and uncover cost-saving opportunities by harnessing agreement data.

Here are the ways Navigator can help increase revenue:

  • AI-powered Data Extraction: Rely on Docusign AI to identify and store attributes associated with your agreements, so you can standardize agreement data and facilitate better reporting.
  • Renewal Management: Simplify renewal tracking with a dedicated dashboard and stay on top of important dates with agreement reminders.
  • Agreement Reminders: Stay ahead of important dates with reminders for contract milestones such as renewals, and terminations.
  • Out-of-the-box Reporting: Gain better visibility into your agreement landscape with an agreement dashboard and access to insights which can be easily downloaded and exported.

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