DocuSign Connect Lock Events

  • 28 May 2024
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Hello DocuSign Connect API experts!  We are using DocuSign Connect (webhooks, callbacks, event notifications) to keep our internal application updated with envelope statuses.  There are many different types of events such as “Signed/Completed”, “Voided”, “Corrected,” etc.  Does anyone know if there’s an event (or any way to tell) when an envelope lock expires?    When an envelope is being corrected, it should be “locked” and should have “Correcting” status.  If the user never saves or cancels, then that lock should eventually expire (default=15 minutes).  Is there any DocuSign Connect Event Notification that can let us know when the lock has expired or that the status has changed back (away from Correcting)?  Thank you!

1 reply


Hello Mark,


Unfortunately, “correcting” isn’t an actual status that can be returned for the envelope to be in. As you mentioned, when the envelope is being corrected a lock is applied that is removed when the lock is finished. The lock calls are maintained by the EnvelopeLocks endpoint, which can be found here: If a lock is applied and you try to update the envelope, you’ll receive an error that the envelope is locked, unless you’re the user that applied the lock, however the status of the envelope will remain the same as it was before the lock was applied (‘Created’, ‘Sent’, ‘Delivered’).


Since the envelope lock only last around 15 minutes as you mentioned and Docusign Connect doesn’t return data in real-time (there can be a few minute difference between the status of the envelope and when the update was applied), Docusign Connect won’t return Lock information. I apologize that this isn’t currently possible, but hopefully the above resource helps answer some questions.


Best regards,

Jonathan | Docusign Developer Support