Configure Webhook Connection to return envelope status' on only one template

  • 22 February 2024
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I’ve setup a template that will be used for customers to sign and return for signature by someone on our sales team.  

I’m automating the distribuation of this document by using Microsoft Power Automate, creating a flow with a webhook listener at the end.  The webhook listener is looking for the status of the envelope to change to “completed”, then it will save the completed .pdf to our sharepoint site.

I’ve configured a new configuration within Docusign Connect, for the flow.  However, I don’t see a way to point this webhook to this specific template and the envelopes created from it.  I’ve tested this entire build and it works, except it works too good.

My issue is that there are other shared templates being used within our Docusign instance (by other processes and users) so my webhook reports back when ANY envelope status changes to “completed”, rather than just the envolopes I care about with this specific template.

Is there any way to have a webhook only report back on specific envelopes being created from a specific template?  Or is there a way to filter out all the “noise” of the other envelops so my Power Automate flow can digest only the completed envelope from my original template?

The only way I can figure out how to get around this issue is to create a new Docusign account, creating the template and Docusgin Connect connection under this account only.  This seems like it would work since the only “completed” envelopes available to this new account are the envelopes for the template that’s assigned to the account.  But this seems like a crude way of isolating the data I need for the webhook.  And if I wanted create another template that uses a similar setup in Power Automate, I’d have to create yet another Docusign account to isolate the data.

Has anyone overcome this withouth the need for two accounts?

2 replies

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 The current configuration settings for webhook connectivity are applied account-wide, which means it isn't feasible to configure a webhook exclusively for a specific template.


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Hello - I have solved this by adding an “Envelope Custom Field.”  This is an additional field that is included within that envelope only and can be hidden from users.  Call the field something like DSConnectRoutingId and then give it a value such as “MyDocument.”  Now, this DOES NOT solve your issue of receiving ALL completed events from ALL envelopes, but it DOES help you quickly identify which ones you want to process and which ones to ignore.  (This field also works well when working with Azure Service Bus Topics and Subscriptions.)