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  • 17 April 2024
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In momentum, we discovered the new app store, what are some common apps people use beside Microsoft and google?

5 replies

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Hello. Hope all is well! Some common apps people use are Adobe, SmartSheet, Concur, and Slack

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We have an integration with Smartsheets

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I also believe Microsoft and SAP are big players as well.


We have several integrations created by our Partners published at the DocuSign Partner Finder tool:


Many of these integrations connect 3rd party applications to Docusign - we invite you to explore the many options available in there!


The new App Center, to be available as part of our IAM offering, will provide customers with the option to connect to different applications from within their Docusign product experience.


Are you a Partner interested in integrating Docusign with your product? Please let us know!

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