Docusign Template fetch salesforce case, case's child records and grandchild records

  • 16 May 2024
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Hi Community,


I want to use DocuSign for my docgen engine in my salesforce org, i have case, and each case has several service contracts and each service contract is with many contract line items. I am making a document in docusign based on case and want to display a table for each service contract with its contract line item. how can i configure the template in docusign to fetch the data and child data in salesforce? 

Because i need to send envelope for esignature and maybe the user needs to update a few fields in the document to reflect back in my salesforce.

From what i found so far is i need to use apex toolkit with send envelope action. But i dont know how i can configure the docusign template with the merge fields in child and grandchild relationship. 

And if i use gen, it cannot be used with apex toolkit. 

My expectation is to send document containing salesforce data, child data and grandchild data and let user insert/update a few fields and then sign the esignature. The input from the user should be updated back to salesforce.

Appreciate it if anyone got any idea.

Thank you 


1 reply


Did you figure this out?  Working on a similar thing where I need to get a related list off of a lookup field on the main object.