Creating multiple envelopes with slight differences from DocGen template?

  • 10 June 2024
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I have created an eSignature DocGen template.  I want to create 5 similar envelopes  using the same DocGen template. About 40% of the field data is the same across 5 envelopes , but the remaining 60% of the fields are unique data for each recipient. I expected to be able to create a one envelope using the DocGen template and save as a draft. Then copy the draft envelope and make DocGen field changes to the envelope copy, but the “copy” function is not available in the envelope drop down actions for the created envelope in draft - should I be able to copy a draft envelope? 

I see that copy does become active for the envelope after sending it, but the envelope copy shows fixed text for recipient 1, and I cannot edit/update field entries for the unique data for recipient 2.  

Perhaps bulk send is the only way to achieve what I want to do?  But I’m reticent to use bulk send, since you cannot preview the generated documents before sending.  

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@LFF - Yes, I understand what you mean about the non-existence of a Bulk Send preview option.  Before sending to actual recipients, you could do a test run with a smaller dataset to ensure that the bulk send and draft review processes work as expected.  Carefully format your CSV file to match the field names in your template exactly to avoid mapping errors during the bulk send process.