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  • 12 February 2024
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Surely this was answered and I just can’t find it, sorry.   The customer downloaded, signed, and emailed the scanned contract back not using DocuSign.  Therefore, it shows I’m still waiting for that signature.  How do I “check this off” in DocuSign as completed without deleting or voiding so I don’t lose it since the event is still in 6 months? 


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4 replies

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@EventVenue You can correct the envelope and change the direction of that Recipient to yourself, add an attachment tag and then when the envelope comes to you instead of the Customer, you add the document that was directly sent to you and finish, that would complete the action of that Recipient.  You could remove the Signature block as well in the correction.  Otherwise, the other option is to “remove” that Recipient. If that is the only Recipient left then removing that Recipient would complete the envelope.

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Love this idea.  Thanks!  I’m a beginner and don’t know how to ADD AN ATTACHMENT TAG. I have tentatively replaced the recipient with me as the only signer. But haven’t hit the sign button just yet. Scaredy cat here. Help?

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Red arrow indicates the DocuSign tag that can be added and who it is being added for in the upper left (Recipient). Hope this helps.


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