I cannot find a document a signed.

  • 23 January 2024
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I signed a document in 2022.  I have not been able to find the document anywhere, not in my DocuSign account, other document signing accounts or email.  I had the sender email me the document and it was, as I thought, signed with DocuSign and as I suspected it seems to have been altered.  Why can’t I see it in my account and why didn’t I get an email when I signed it?  Is there a way for me to access it with the Envelope number?

3 replies

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Envelopes are searchable via the Envelope ID within DocuSign.  I would start by checking whether the email address of the User you have in your DocuSign Account matches the email of where the envelope was sent. If they do not match that could mean there was no User account setup. It is also important as to when the User account was created along with when the envelope was sent. If an envelope was sent on Jan 2022 and the DocuSign user account was not created until Feb 2022 there would be issues seeing that envelope.  Also when you search your Inbox, make sure to check the Filters and set it to “All” for the Date to make sure you are seeing any envelopes sent to this account.

Last I would create a DocuSign Support case with the Envelope ID and they may be able to track the progress and provide the exact reason you are unable to locate the envelope.

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I apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused you, this is a follow up on your post I know the importance of having access to your completed documents; I understand that when you tried to search for an envelope signed back in 2022


To provide more information about the search function, When searching for envelopes on the Manage page, you can search by envelope name, sender and recipient names, recipient email, and envelope ID. You can also search in envelope custom fields for matches to the field values. Wildcard searches are performed by default, but you can use quotation marks for exact matches. You can search in specific collections, folders, or Quick Views. To reset your search, clear the search term from the search box. Additionally, you can limit your search to a single folder or search by envelope ID. If you want to search for envelope custom field values, enable the "Include envelope custom fields" option.


Search for Envelopes


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