Notification not coming to to email when envelop has been declined

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I’m a signer of the envelop, and only receive email notification when envelop has been signed, but not when declined.  Any way I can also get email notification when the envelop is declined ?

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You can turn on various notification settings by going to My Preferences > Signing and Sending > Notifications in the upper right corner of the web app.


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yes, it’s checked “notify me when I am a recipient & another signer declines to sign” but for some reason, I only received notification when “I have an envelope to sign, and the send voided an envelope” , but There is no notification when “another signer declines to sign” 


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Hi Arunee,

If the recipient who declined is before you in the signing order, you might not receive notification. All signers who signed before the recipient who declined will be notified.