How to send one document to 20 people where each signs their own copy individually (no other signature needed for their copy).

  • 29 February 2024
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Can I just use 1 envelope without spending a ton to upgrade my plan to bulk send when I signed up to just have these 20 people sign one document?

This is an approval page to reach 51% agreement. I don’t need 100% to sign, just enough to reach that threshold. The issue is I’m apparently unable to send these individually (they use 1 envelope each) and yet if I “add recipient” they then become part of the same document, which I do not want.

So, again, how to send a single document for a single signature to 20 individuals who only sign their own document?

4 replies

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@ScottB Individual signature on an individual document means you need to send one envelope per Signer (Recipient). You can expedite this by using Bulk Send whether by manual or CSV file but this still counts as “20” envelopes and not one envelope.

One alternative that is the best case scenario to use only one envelope, is to add the document to one envelope “20” times, then set 20 Recipients as needs to sign, set one Recipient per page so Recipient 1 signs document page 1 and so on, then use Document Visibility to hide the other pages from the other Recipients. That is the only option that I can think of that keeps a smaller amount of anonymity and uses 1 envelope. The envelope details would still shows the other Recipients since those Recipients are all part of the same envelope, but there are few other options other then sending 20 envelopes.

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Hey, I tried the 20x use of the doc but I don’t see any visibility setting or way to set who the recipient is. The only option is everyone is a recipient and I shift their order.

Should have done my research more. Time to cancel.

Thanks for the help. The site apparently just sucks.

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@ScottB The application has a variety of features and some features do depend on your Account type and it does take some time to understand and utilize the features.  First of all in the tagging screen where you add fields, those fields are color coded to the Recipient. There is a dropdown in the upper left of the tagging screen to pick the Recipient and then drop the corresponding tab.

Below is a starting point for DocuSign visibility if you decide to continue using the product.

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